Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anyone for a Dressing Drink?

What’s a Dressing Drink you might ask? Well I bet you’ve already had one or two. Quite simply it’s just a cocktail while your getting ready for a big night out, but if you want to be a classy gentleman or lady, it's all about the right words and presentation.

How many times have you poured a drink or cracked a beer while you were getting ready to go out? Probably a lot, but slugging a PBR or taking a pull from a box of Franzia doesn’t do a lot to tell your friends or significant other that you’ve got it together. With just a tiny bit of effort in selection and presentation, you’ll be the suave GQ Gentleman or Classy Cosmo Gal you’ve always wanted to be, at least when your friends are coming over for a drink before you go out. After that it’s up to you.

So here are some suggestions for the next time your getting ready for a big night out. Since this is only a drink or two it’s the perfect time to shake it up and try something new. I recommend you change it up based on the time of year so I’ve broken it down by season, and provided some links.

Winter Time:
Swing down to the liquor store and drop a few dollars on some quality Whiskey or Scotch and pour one neat or on the rocks with a splash of water. I like Crown Royal Special Reserve or XR also if your worried about not having a mixer they also offer some new honey blends now that are a little sweeter and may be better for your non-whiskey loving friends.

Spring Time:
Try some good chilled white wine. I’m not a huge white wine drinker but I love Conundrum, if you’ve never tried it, this one may actually make you like White Wine. Also white wine is great for avoiding stains while partying while getting ready.

Summer Time:
I love Sweet Tea Vodka in the summer and the best is Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, the best and easiest drink to make: equal parts vodka & water and add a squeeze of lemon. It tastes just like iced tea, perfect for a hot summer day and getting ready before you head out, or even good in the day time, no judgments. 

I always love a craft beer in the fall, try a local, beer preferably and if you haven’t tried Pumpkin Ale, there is no better time. Craft Beers can be heavy so this is a great time to try just one beer.

Great for all times:
Top Shelf Vodka on the rocks with a Lime
Red Wine, but be careful not to spill, a great red blend is a Meritage, good for a larger group with lot’s of preferences.
Also if you’re a group of girls doing your thang, you can try one of those cupcake or many other flavored vodkas: Gentlemen, however sorry it may be delicious but it's not acceptable.

The bottom line is tailor the cocktail to the occasion and start by inviting everyone over for a "dressing drink". 

As always, You Stay Classy San Diego,

Till next time,


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Future of Travel is Already Here

Technology is everywhere and it's impacting every aspect of our lives. Some would argue for good and bad, however regardless of your opinion on all that, it's here, and it's here to stay. Why not make the most of what's available to you? Well I'm not an expert on much but I am an expert on traveling and I've managed to stay with the times in this department and guess what now it's easier than ever to plan travel, and execute your next adventure. Welcome to traveling in 2012/13. 

Getting There:
Be sure find the best-priced flight. I like Kayak for getting a good idea on flight prices.
Then I usually book it on the company website. However Jet Blue and Southwest are not on Kayak, and often have great domestic rates, so double-check those first. Also when traveling internationally I also usually look on cheapOair. It seems a little sketchy, but I have found great prices there before.
My main message is to shop around and find the best rates. If you’re flexible and willing to travel in off peak seasons you can find unbelievable deals.

Where to stay?
All adventurous travelers should check out this website:
Airbnb, which also has a great travel app, has all different styles of accommodations everything from tree houses to mansions, guest bedrooms to couches; there is something for every price point. Note, you need to set up a profile first so do this before you leave home. Also don’t’ be afraid to only book your first two nights of accommodation. Unless your going to a specific event, you can find some of the best deals and places while actually out there on the road. Try it you won’t regret it. Speaking of booking last minute, I highly recommend you download the hotel tonight app.
This handy I phone and now I pad app has great last minute deals on really cool and swanky hotels. You can find excellent deals on amazing places, but you have to wait until Noon on the actual day, so if you like adventure this is for you. Check it out.

How to make your life easier while on the road:
The Number one App you must have before you travel is Viber.
This little gem was introduced to me by a friend from Australia and basically turns your phone into an international phone for free. It’s super easy, and it’s FREE! This is a must. When you’re in the US and you’re on your cellular carrier it works with your normal data usage, and when you’re on Wi-Fi it’s totally free! It also automatically imports all your contacts that have Viber direct from your phone. So make sure your family has it too. Also, once your out on your adventures you can make friends from all over the world and they can give you their international number and you can text and call while out on the road whenever you have Wi-Fi. This is huge and a major game changer! Check out their website:
Now go download that app! Did I mention it’s FREE!

My final and perhaps best advice is to use your social networks for what they should be used for, helping you out. Instead of taking an instagram pic of your grilled cheese, ask your Facebook friends and twitter followers for travel tips. You will be shocked at all the great info that will come flooding in. Websites, restaurant recommendations and adventure tips, possibly even invitations to stay at your friends houses or chateaus you didn’t’ even know they have.  Also each country you plan on visiting usually has a travel app, they can be very helpful, so look that up before you go. But remember you may run out of power so a real traveler always has their favorite guidebook in their backpack for when your not plugged in.

Have a great trip and don’t’ be afraid to try something different this year.

Safe Travels,


Readers did I leave anything off, any advice you want to share with your fellow travelers that will help each other out?

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to enjoy Absinth

Absinth can be very intimidating but It’s actually pretty good if you drink it correctly.

The other night I was out with my buddy Graham and went to an awesome new gastro pub, in Hollywood called the Pikey. I looked on the bar and saw they had the cold drip faucet that places that serve real absinth have so I immediately ordered two. Much to my surprise Graham had never tried Absinth, that’s when I realized I should do a public service and in my next blog teach all those that don’t know how the proper way to enjoy to Absinth and also debunk a few myths about the “Green Fairy”.

First a little back-story: The first time I tried Absinth I was 22 and in Prague, my very American friends and me went to some back alley bar with the mission of seeing the green fairy. So we asked the bartender for some shots of Absinth, because that’s how you drink it right? Wrong, let’s just say none of us saw the green fairy and the bartender got a huge laugh when I ran out the front door and projectile vomited in the alley. So there you go, learn from my mistakes and avoid being the world’s worst tourist. Learn how to drink this classic cocktail right and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

Absinth used to be illegal in the US until very recently, so there are still a lot of myths about it. First of all it’s not the same recipe that you’ve read about or seen in movies and your not going to start hallucinating after drinking it.  What is available now is just a licorice hinted interesting and in my opinion tasty drink. Be aware it’s still a very potent liquor and you should always drink responsibly. So here is the responsible way to drink and enjoy Absinth.

Lesson 1: Don’t shoot it!! This is not Jager, Tequila, or a lemon drop, it’s designed to be savored, slowly, not in shooter form, remember my first story, you may have similar reaction if you try to down it in one gulp. The most important thing to remember is Absinth is a fun cocktail that should be savored, and sipped.

Lesson 2: Don’t light the shot on fire; I myself have been victim of this myth gone wrong. But there is fire involved, read on to find out when and how to do it.

Lesson 3: The basic recipe.

First pour a shot/drink of high quality Absinth in a highball glass. Second take a sugar cube, (you should use a special holder, but a spoon will work if your attempting this at home) and dip it in the Absinth. Third, light dipped sugar cube on fire let it burn for a few seconds. Fourth, slowly drip ice cold water over the lit sugar cube and let it drop into the Absinth slowly, turning the bright green liquor into a cloudy almost grey green cocktail. (*there is a special drip faucet you can and should use, but if attempting at home and on the cheap, just slowly pouring ice cold water over the lit slightly melted sugar cube will do) Fifth, drink slowly and enjoy.
So there you have it, your Absinth myths debunked.

Drink up!


Readers, this has got me dying to hear if you’ve had any hilarious tales with Absinth done the wrong way. The first story is just one of my many Absinth fails. Share if you dare, but do your best to keep it kinda clean.  – Thanks!
Also let me know if my recipe was helpful or if you’ve gotten to go out and try it and what you thought. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7 ways to avoid gaining 7 pounds on a Cruise

It’s the oldest joke in the cruise comedy playbook. “Did you know that the average passenger gains 7 pounds on a week long cruise, 1 pound a day, yeah you come on as guests you leave as Cargo” …… insert fake laugh. Side note, if you hear a Cruise Director or Comic use that joke, please boo them as that has been used zillions of times for over 20 years and you know what, it’s not even funny!

Seriously though, the temptations to gorge your self on tasty treats while cruising are endless and sadly many do gain a few pounds when taking a cruise. This has given the industry a bit of a bad rap when it comes to health and fitness. Cruise Lines are working hard to change that image but regardless of your opinion on the topic, it’s not that difficult to stay fit on a cruise and with the right motivation even actually lose weight.

Ever since I’ve moved to California I have been surrounded by health and fitness, I’ve always been into it but I’ve been more interested than ever lately and have even picked up some new knowledge recently.  So in this blog I wanted to combine some of my new practices with what I know about cruising. Nothing groundbreaking here, just good clean, easy fitness advice. Eat right, drink smart and try to workout 5 times on a 7-day cruise. It’s much easier than you think.

 So here they are my 7 ways to avoid gaining 7 pounds on a weeklong cruise.

1.     Eat a healthy breakfast – It’s common knowledge that eating breakfast every day, boosts your metabolism and is key to losing weight, but where many falter on a cruise is at the breakfast buffet. I myself have been guilty of reaching for the chocolate croissant, pancake, biscuit and gravy, bacon, extra cheese; it’s all right there and you’d never eat this stuff at home, so why not indulge? Well you should indulge, but do it the smart way by ordering Room Service! Every ship has free room service breakfast, you usually only have to fill out the card and put it on your door. This will greatly help your portion control and keep you from reaching for that chocolate croissant. I recommend that you eat room service or in the main dining room for breakfast every day. Switch it up and do what works for you, but this is the best way to eat smart portions and it makes it much easier to choose healthy options. Also always order the fruit plate. If you start your day right and your already halfway there.  So Main Dining room and Room service for breakfast, healthy options 5 of 7 days, indulge twice, go ahead and have 1 chocolate croissant, remember 1 not 3.

2.     Beach or Destination Workout – If you’re on a Caribbean or beach cruise, this is an easy workout that will save you time, money and will make you feel incredible in your swimwear. Try my easy beach workout, and do it right when you get there so you can relax the rest of the time. Start with a light stretch and then a 20-minute walk or preferably run or jog, do whatever you can handle, but this is not your typical beach stroll I want you to shake it up. Walk or run 10 minutes to one side of the beach, whenever 10 minutes is up, stop and do, 10 pushups, 10 squats, and 10 jumping jacks, then run/walk back the other way 10 minutes and repeat, the pushups, squats, and jumping jacks at the other end. Then take 10 minutes and swim in the ocean, do whatever your body can handle. I always travel with my goggles this way a cheap and easy workout is always available, but even if you don’t’ have your goggles, swim 5 minutes out and 5 minutes back. Even just tread water or doggie paddle if you have to, but 10 minutes in the water is sure to get the blood flowing. There, you’ve just done a simple easy yet very effective workout that cost you nothing, and now you have the whole day to enjoy all while on a workout high. If your going to Alaska just ask the crew where the best hiking trail is and there you go, a most memorable day and oh, by the way a great workout. If you’re in Europe, just try to take an active tour that has a lot of walking.

3.     Skip the Calorie Bombs – What’s a Calorie Bomb? Those god awful high fructose, high calorie drinks everyone is sucking down and wondering why they’re not losing weight. You know what they are: Pina Colada’s, Strawberry Daiquiri’s, Coco Loco’s, Frappuccino’s, Mocha blah, blah. All these drinks are terrible for you and full of sugar. No one can process that much sugar and not gain weight. These are what the pros call empty calories; but Andy I want to drink on my cruise what can I do? Drink like they do in Los Angeles and sub the Calorie Bombs for one of these guilt free cocktails: Try a Vodka and Soda with a splash of Cranberry Juice, or Tequila, Lime, splash of OJ, Splash of Soda water aka the “Skinny Margarita”, or a Bacardi Silver and Diet Coke, even Miller 64 beer. Personally I just drink good quality Vodka on the rocks with a lime, when it’s high quality stuff you can drink it on the rocks and it has so few calories and gives you much less of a hangover. The “healthy drinks” list get’s longer every day. Indulge just be smart about it. There are ton’s of lower calorie cocktails, just ask the bartenders or the fitness instructor’s, if none of the listed drinks appeal to you.

4.     Try a fitness class – Running on a Treadmill, so 1985, come on there’s millions of fun and usually free fitness classes on every ship now. Try some Yoga, Pilates, Spin, TRX, or even Boot Camp. Even just once on a 7 day cruise will count to your goal of 5 workouts and when your doing something new time flies and you don’t’ even realize your working out. Who knows you may just find something you love in the process.  

5.     Take the Stairs – My Mom takes the stairs on every cruise, every time, never takes the elevator. I think she’s crazy, but she doesn’t gain weight on a cruise and really only does that and walk. But, if you’re a normal person and the idea of schlepping up and down those stairs every time for 7 days seems like way too much, try my easy stair/elevator policy. 3 up and 4 down: Every time your only going up 3 decks or less and every time your going down 4 decks or less you have to take the stairs. Otherwise you can ride the elevator. This is so easy to do, will actually save you time maneuvering around the ship and you’ll be slipping in mini workouts and burning calories all day and night. Another bonus is you won’t be the jerk who is only going up one floor on the elevator!

6.     Fun Fitness – Really all fitness should be fun, but it’s easy to find a fun workout on a ship. Dance Classes abound and as long as they are 30 minutes or longer of high power cardio that can count as 1 of your 5 required workouts. If the idea of attending a dance class makes you want to jump overboard try this fun workout that will also get you to know the ship better. Take the stairs down to the bottom deck, walk all the way to the top deck, then walk to the jogging track, wherever it is, jog or walk one mile on the track. Then walk to the fitness center, no elevator. Jump on the Elliptical machine for 10 minutes, go at a fun pace, but try to push yourself a little. When that is complete walk to the Rock Climbing Wall and climb at least one time, preferably twice. If your ship does not have a Rock Climbing Wall, when done with the elliptical go do 15 pushups, 15 squats, and try to do 5 pull-ups. This kind of workout will be over before you know it and you won’t even feel like your working out. You’ll be moving all over the ship and by the time you’re done you’ve just had an amazing workout.

7.     Vegetarian for a day – Many fitness experts recommend you have one day a week that is meat free. I love meat but I have been trying this policy lately and finding it actually really enjoyable and surprisingly easy to do. I feel light and fit at the end of the day and have been keeping the weight and cholesterol levels down. Cruise Ships have lots of veggie options now and I really think you’ll find this a very easy thing to do. One warning; just because your skipping the meat for a day doesn’t mean you need to eat 6 bagels and a block of cheese. Dairy and carbs are fine, but you’re really your looking to eat more whole grains and mainly pile on the vegetables. Only one day, I promise it’s easy and you may surprise yourself and find you like it.

There you have it, 7 easy ways to stay fit and avoid becoming a cruise ship cliché.

Till next time,

Keep it on Cruise Control.

-Andy Steinhauser

*Readers let’s keep the conversation going, do you have any great cruise fit tips you’d like to share?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nothing But a Good Time ...

If you saw my last webisode, “All About the Breakaway” I was busy fawning over the most recent announcements from Norwegian Cruise Lines and reminding everyone that the next big one comes very soon, well just last Thursday we finally got to learn about the entertainment. If you haven’t seen the webisode, take 2 minutes to watch it and get caught up. The big question is after the massive success of the Entertainment onboard the Norwegian Epic, how could Norwegian top it? By bringing not one, not two, but 3 Broadway caliber shows to the Breakaway.

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed, and I’ve seen it all when it comes to cruise ship entertainment. It’s usually always good, you can rely on talented singers and dancers, enjoyable concepts, for the most part, and all in bite size portions that are designed to get guests back out and having fun around the ship. Well the Breakaway is going all out and practically making the entertainment the reason to cruise, not just an enjoyable afterthought. The Breakaway will take cruise ship entertainment to a whole new level, read on as I break it down and weigh in:

If your totally unfamiliar with the subject matter, follow this link and get caught up on the Breakaway press releases then read on to see my thoughts on the matter:

Rock of Ages – This is by far the biggest get for Norwegian since the Blue Man Group. If you haven’t seen it, Rock of Ages is awesome. I haven’t seen the movie and it’s not getting the best reviews, but I have seen the play and I loved it. It’s got classic 80’s songs, amazing talent, hilarious jokes, a great story and all around it’s a huge party. This is not your typical Broadway show; it’s more like a rock concert. The big question is will it work on a cruise ship? I think it will. The show is a two act show and it will have to become a “Vegas Version” which means it has to be under 90 minutes and there will have to be some content altered to cater to the youngsters in the crowd, the original show is a strong PG-13, but I can see it being easily adapted without watering it down too much. I do feel it will be a big hit and become the lines highest rated show. It’s very current and I think it will have a very broad appeal. I’m also excited to see how they cast the show and the talent that will get on-board. I expect it will be done right and delivered properly. Norwegian is really good about their casting, and they pay their talent well, so I suspect it will be impressive.

Burn the Floor – In my opinion this is a great second show. Logistically it makes a lot of sense, since there is very little set and the performers can also do spotlight shows in the Manhattan Room dining venue very easily. Ballroom Dancing is only getting hotter and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I think this will be a big hit as well, and even the non-ballroom fans will enjoy the show.

Cirque Dreams and Dinner – Jungle Fantasy – I have to say I’m a little disappointed Cirque Dreams, the company who creates the shows on Epic and Breakaway, isn’t developing an entirely original show for the Breakaway, however the performers they get to work in these shows are so unbelievable, it doesn’t really matter what the “concept” is, it’s still going to blow everyone away. Cirque Dreams and Dinner on the Epic is currently the cruise lines highest rated show, and it’s the only show you have to pay to see. That says a lot about the talent of the performers, it will be impressive.

The Second City – I personally love the Second City, it’s always hilarious to me. With that said, I often found that many guests didn’t’ feel the same way. I would receive a lot of mixed reviews. However, there is no denying that The Second City has the talent and if they make all new original content, not recycle the same show, which is what has unfortunately been done over the years on many ships on Norwegian, they have the chance to really deliver. The humor is sharp and can be very current, funny and enjoyable. I’ll be watching closely and waiting to hear, but I’m putting my friends at The Second City and Norwegian on Alert, and warning them, that they must create all new shows this time or the guests will revolt and there will be empty seats to fill in the Headliners club.

Howl and The Moon – Definitely a great idea to bring the Dueling Pianos concept back from the Epic. Howl at the Moon is hilarious, tons of fun and a big party, perfect for a night out on the town or ship; this will be a big hit again.

Slam Allen Blues Band – A natural, I know Slam very well and he is one of the nicest and most talented performers I know. He truly gives it his all every night and the guests know it. He has ardent fans and they will follow him to the Breakaway, and if you haven’t experienced it, make a point to reserve at least one night of your cruise to visit Slam and the Band, and with a Broadway show like Rock of Ages, in residence, you never know who will be rocking out in the Fat Cats, this place will be jumping on the Breakaway.

Well there’s my two cents regarding the Breakaway entertainment. Last I saw Norwegian CEO Kevin Sheehan, he promised me they were going to do everything right on the Breakaway and so far he and his team are living up to the promise. The Breakaway is shaping up to be a real game changer. I can’t wait to see what get’s announced next, till then look for a good deal and book, because this ship is going to rock, literally!

Till next time,

Keep it on Cruise Control.

Andy Steinhauser

Readers what do you think about the Breakaway announcements, are you excited or disappointed? Let me know 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Hired!

More than any other question I’ve been getting from readers and visitors to my website, is about working on a ship and where to find a job on a cruise ship. Well I’ve got lots of information in that department and it’s way too much for one blog. So what I’ve decided to do over the next few weeks begin discussing various careers at sea and I’ll provide the direct links on where you can apply. Wether it be for yourself, a recent grad you may know, a friend who needs a fresh start, or your man-child who you need to get out of the basement, working on a cruise ship is an amazing experience that can be incredibly beneficial to many different aspects of you or your loved ones life.

Today I’ll start by talking about a job that many don’t’ even realize exists at sea, Retail. That’s right every cruise ship has gift shops onboard that sell everything from “Toothpaste to Tanzanite”: Jewelry, T-Shirts, Alcohol, Tobacco, Candy, souvenirs you name it, it’s there and 99% of the time it’s all at tax and duty free prices. Gift shops at sea are big business and an important aspect to a cruise lines overall bottom line so these jobs aren’t going anywhere. In fact due to the staggering amount of new cruise ships being launched and considering with each new ship cruise lines only expand the onboard shopping experience retail crewmembers are more in demand than ever before.  Read on for what you should know before you apply or if you’re just interested in learning more about how cruise ships really work.

Working Retail at sea is not like on land. Even though they are the size of some malls the stores are called usually the gift shops and because of this there is a popular slang title for gift shop attendants, don’t’ mention this if you have an interview but from here forward I will use the slang; we call those that work in the gift shops “Shoppies”. Shoppies traditionally come from all over the world, Europe, India, South America, Canada, yet there are few Americans. This is most likely due to the fact that as an American working at sea you are taxed Federal Tax and therefore automatically make less money so that makes it less desirable for American’s. Also working retail at sea is much more difficult than land and you may disagree but American’s don’t have the best global reputation for work ethic. On land typically you show up to your retail job, fold some clothes, sell some stuff, cash out your drawer, maybe tidy up and then just go home and forget your day even happened. Well being a shoppie is more a way of life than a part time job. First of all, it’s only the Shoppies who work together to make the entire operation happen; they stock all the shelves, load and unload all the merchandise, and entirely manage the inventory. Its much more complex and labor intensive than showing up to the Gap and having a Sabarro on your lunch break. Shoppies often work 10-hour days, and they don’t make an hourly wage, overtime or get tips.

Okay, so I’ve sacred you a little, but it’s not slave labor. When you work on a cruise ship in general your pay check will be much less than on land, however you have to consider that you have basically zero living expenses and your opportunity to save money is much greater than on land. Also as a shoppie due to the port laws, you are off nearly every port of call. The gift shops close upon arrival and re-open when you leave port, so you have a great opportunity to explore the ports of call, actually better than most jobs at sea. However be aware on inventory loading day, usually the homeport, say Miami for instance, you will be working, arguably harder than most. This practice is commonly called “stores”. However, no job at sea is without its give and take and every job has it’s own “stores”.

What I also like about the shoppie position is that it’s a great way to start, get a leg up in your career, try something new, meet new people and there are great opportunities for career growth if you have the right attitude and work ethic.

The kind of experience you would need to be considered for a “shoppie” position would be retail experience obviously, and luckily for most that’s easy experience to obtain. Also foreign languages are a huge plus, so stay in that Spanish Class and get fluent. Additional skills and specialties that are coveted by employers are: high end jewelry sales experience, make-up and perfume specialist, university degrees, inventory experience, excellent health and the ability to lift 50 pounds, liquor and tobacco product knowledge, work ethic, positive attitude and most importantly customer service skills. Remember your there to serve the guests with a smile, every day, no matter what is happening with your personal life, a certain level of toughness is needed for anyone that wants to work on a cruise ship, it’s not for the weak and lazy.

Interesting to know, most all cruise lines actually contract out the gift shop operation to a third party, which means you would not be hired by the cruise line directly, however upon employment and assignment you are governed and held to all cruise line specific rules and regulations. There are actually three companies that I know of that have various contracts with the cruise lines. They are: Dufry worldwide, you may recognize that name from the duty free shops in the airport, same company. They also have land-based jobs in the Caribbean and around the world. Harding Brother’s Retail, a British Based company that has a few ships and cruise lines. Yet by far the largest company with the most retail jobs at sea is a company called Starboard Cruise Services, they have the most contracts with the cruise lines and hopefully for you lot’s of open positions.

So after carefully reading all this if you’re interested or have someone that you think might be a great candidate, get your resume together focus on highlighting the skills I’ve mentioned and follow the links below to apply directly to all the major players. Remember Starboard has the most positions, however I recommend applying to all three.

If you’re not interested in being a “shoppie” stay tuned because there are many more positions I’ll be opening the door to in the near future. Attention: Dancer’s, Singers’, Musicians, Child Care workers, Entertainer’s, Hairstylists, Massage Therapists, Waiters, Chef’s, Bartenders, your information is coming soon!

Good luck with all that you dare to dream and till next time…

Keep it on Cruise Control,

Andy Steinhauser

Starboard Cruise Services:

Starboard Cruise Services
8052 N.W. 14th Street
Miami, FL 33126
Attention: Human Resources
Tel: (786) 845-7536 / Fax: (305) 715-9789

Harding Brothers:

Dufry Worldwide (not as many positions open)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 10 things to do for an Adventurous/Active Cruiser:

 1. Edgy Shore Excursion – Nearly ever cruise has at least one wild excursion, so try zip lining, swimming with the dolphins, parasailing, wave runner tour, get active.

2. Be Part of the Show – There are most likely game shows, audience participation segments of shows in the theater or at least karaoke every night on nearly every cruise ship, go on, be part of the action.

3. Get Sporty – Climb the rock wall, participate in the sports tournament, ride the waterslide, take that dance class go for it!

4. Late night make out under the stars – head to the outer deck to sneak away for a magical kiss under the stars, have your moment you deserve it.

5 .Be an adventurous eater – Weather in the port of call or on-board, try something you’ve never eaten before.

6. Learn to Play Craps – You’ve always wanted to, here’s your chance. Cruise ships have some of the only casino’s anywhere in the world where the dealers will teach you how to play the games, check when the lessons are offered or go when it’s not crowded and they will teach you. Craps is much easier than it looks, and then at night you can finally join the screaming loud table in the casino.

7. Hit the Dance Floor – Here’s a tip if you’re a bad dancer. On a cruise most likely you’ll never see these people again, so go ahead make a fool of yourself. I’m sure there’s a dancing opportunity every night on any ship you go on.

8. Learn a new skill – On nearly every ship there will be an interesting class of some sort, well go attend. Now a days flower arranging, cooking classes, foreign language lessons, dance classes, scrapbooking and more are regular offerings.

9. Day Life – Why should nightlife have all the fun? Cruise Ship pool decks are usually rocking all day long, so join in the fun and have an afternoon pool party; you’ll have no problem finding fellow revelers.

10. Late Night Hot Tub Party – Why do you think it’s featured on every reality show, it’s fun. Try the hot tub one evening with your new friends, have a drink and relax under the stars, it’s a great way to wrap up a fun trip.

All right cruisers, let me know about your recent adventures, have you completed the top 10, is there anything I left off the list?